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Suryagarh, Jaisalmer [India]


Suryagarh, Jaisalmer is your gateway to the Thar Desert. It is not just a hotel, but represents a unique way of life, carefully preserving the traditions of our past yet framing them in a modern idiom. The hotel takes the path less travelled and discovers with you the secrets of a land that have been long shrouded in myth and legend. Your wellbeing is at the centre of all they do. In this ancient and mysterious land the hotel offers every modern comfort.


Experience the serenity and vastness of The Thar Desert with the thoughtfully created rooms, the delightful Central Courtyard, and romantic Lakeside Garden. Each of the rooms combines traditional and modern design for harmonious living.

Rooms: The rooms at Suryagarh represent a timeless Rajasthan. Available in three categories, these airy spaces blend the modern with the traditional. Enchantingly old world in style, the rooms offer all the modern conveniences.

Suites: From lavish to intimate in scale, these living spaces are customised for personal preferences. Embellished with rich local textures, the suites offer a calm sanctuary from the city. These gorgeously detailed rooms are little worlds within themselves that offer a refuge to the smart and sophisticated travelers.

Havelis: The havelis are intimate stand-alone suites, sensitively created around courtyards. The havelis connect traditional living with the more contemporary need for privacy and space. Every feature is thoughtfully intended to reflect elements of the indigenous desert culture yet all the while maintaining the integrity of true elegant living.


Nosh: The Nosh is an all day dining room which is an airy, welcoming space. They serve international favorites as well as time-honored Indian cuisine. You are invited any time of day or night, for Nosh is open around the clock and you can linger for as long as you like.

Legend of Marward: Legend of Marward is a specialty restaurant which brings to life one of those unnamed culinary artists. They bring to your table the fare of medieval hunts, court kitchens and the zealously guarded trade secrets of the kitchens of the past. It has passed down generational cuisine, culled from the secrets of the past.

Draksh: Draksh is a bar that beckons the thirsty traveler with its cool white walls, speckled with gold. Unwind under amber lights and indulge in the fine collection of wines and spirits from around the world.

Chaat Chai: At the Central Courtyard is laid out a choice of traditional and flavored teas, and chaat, those exciting Indian snacks that are simply a must.


DESTINATION DINING EXPERIENCE : Suryagarh offers a selection of intimate and warm dining spots The signature dining venues offer memorable experiences, remarkable in every way. Choose from the range of picturesque outdoor locales, where you can enjoy a leisurely feast.

You can also have nourishing breakfast of traditional Indian delicacies of parathas, kachoris and samosas along with the peacocks. Apart from this, picnics at desert oases and dinners at Thar can be arranged.


Mountain Bikes: Suryagarh is ideally located to allow for trails into the surrounding Thar Desert. The trails will take you through wilderness to ghost villages or secluded shady oasis.

Camel Safari: For true experience of the Thar dessert one must takes a camel safari through the ancient rocky hillocks around the hotel. You may be able to find age-old fossils from the time when the desert was an ocean.

Dhanurvidya — The Warrior Arts: Dhanurvidya or archery in times past was an important hunting and military skill. At Suryagarh, they have the facilities to set up a personalized space allowing for marksmanship, shooting technique and form.

Tash: Taash is the Cards and Billiard Room. It entertains with various board games, a card table for four and a professional billiard table.

Silk Route Exploration: Travel to the Khaba Fort overlooking the ruins of the ancient village of Paliwal. Drink cool water from ancient wells of Mundhari and meet the local villagers. You will be taken to clear vantage points to view how the citadel of Jaisalmer would have appeared to travelers of the past and celebrate the legendary Suryagarh picnics at the reservoir of Joshida, a setting that is almost biblical.

Thar Exploration: Discover places soaked in ancient time as you go on a two-hour trail through shifting sands and thorny scrub. Explore villages, ancient watering holes, ruined serais and ancient cemeteries as you drive through the most magical and dramatic of landscapes.

Temple Exploration: The Temple Exploration features desert and high plateau locations rich in tradition and folklore. A short drive from the hotel, the Nabdhoongar temple is located on a high plateau overlooking the vast expanse of the Thar. The temple’s deity Jog Mata is considered very auspicious. Travel to Lodurva, the ancient capital and a treasure of craftsmanship. Complete the journey with a visit to the enchantingly decaying Amar Sagar temple complex and its mighty monsoon-fed lake.

Chudail Trail: Thorny scrub and forgotten sites in the desert are still said to be inhabited by spirits called chudails. The chudail trail takes you on a midnight drive to all the secret spots in the area where they say the spirits of the chudails roam. Visit Paliwal cemetery, Shamshaan Ghat, Jaziya Talao — an ancient burial ground and the abandoned town of Kuldhara.

The Great Indian Bustard Exploration: The Desert National Park established in 1980 is believed to be one of the largest sanctuaries of India. The Great Indian Bustard, a magnificent bird, once found in abundance across the desert, now faces the risk of extinction. The Desert National park promises excellent opportunities for beginners and serious bird watchers to get a perfect view of the bustards. One can also spot Sand Grouse Eagles, Drongos, Quail, Cranes and Falcons. It is a paradise for birds and bird-watchers.


Address : Kahala Phata, Sam Road, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, INDIA

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