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Exquisite Ethos


Exquisite Ethos

Every Exquisite property delivers to the ultimate aim of showcasing diversity and experiential variety of the Indian Subcontinent. In doing so, each property focuses on providing a highly personalised guest experience, honouring guest expectations with sublime excellence and pride. Most of our properties are boutique owner managed establishments, and are selected for the owners’ personal approach endorsing Exquisite ethos.

The Passionate Chief : Exquisite properties have passionate owners and GMs who walk the talk and are closely involved in day to day operations. Their passion reflects in the eyes of their team and the property resonates with a heartfelt passionate desire to deliver excellence.

Reflection of the Land : Exquisite properties are reflective of their region and culture. Every Exquisite property delivers a local regional charm through its architecture, décor, services, etiquette and food, that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Experiential Stay : Every Exquisite property curates unique and bespoke culture connection experiences to connect the guests with the local culture and traditions of the region. Such experiences often become the highlight of the tour.

Sensitive : Most Exquisite properties are sensitive to the environment and local community, and contribute positively towards local ecology and upliftment of the local economy.

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