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Raj Palace, Jaipur [India]


Built in 1727, Raj Palace was once the city’s first palace. It is a beautiful blend of Mughal and Periodic and is the oldest mansion of Jaipur. The Raj Palace is one of the only Palaces still inhabited by his 16th generation descendant and current owner Princess Jayendra Kumari.


The Raj Palace has 29 Rooms / Suites with 38 bedrooms overlooking towards Gardens, Chandani Chowk (Courtyard), and the pool. Each suite / room is unique and each seems still to breathe the spirit of illustrious guests who once stayed here.

There are 3 types of accommodation at The Raj Palace, Jaipur:

Rooms: All rooms at The Raj Palace are equipped with most modern facilities required by the discerning modern traveller. Rooms are further divided into Heritage rooms and Historical rooms . The royal guests and the junior members of the royal family had lived in Heritage Rooms while the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas, other wives of Thakur Sahib and wife of Crowned prince and other senior members of The Royal Family, have stayed in Hitorical Rooms. All the rooms have original old Royal antique furniture and have a private museum with valuable collections of the Royal Family.

Suites: Each suites at the palace has its own soul, own individual harmony a marriage of the finest material, rare woods, silk, brocades, furniture and artefacts created by masters craftsman and signature by Royals.The Suites are further categorized into Prestige suites and Palace suites.

Presidential Suites: The Presidential suite can be categorized in to Maharaja’s Pavilion and Shahi Mahal. Maharaja Pavilion is a four floor apartment suite which has private entrance and private elevator connecting all four floors. The suite has four bedrooms. They offer the complete Royal apartment blocks within the Palace which include multiple bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining room, Pool, Kitchen, , Library etc. Whereas Shahi Mahal is restored since 12 years continuously. The best designers and architects of the world are blending a real to life Palace of the 17th century combined with 21st century most modern conveniences provided by technology.


Swapna Mahal: The Swapna Mahal imitates the great houses of the British and French nobility, this hall is completely fitted out with European furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, curtains and a crockery collections. The Swapna Mahal means the palace of Dreams.

It is the multi cuisine restaurant of The Raj Palace. The setting of dining hall conjures up images of its fantastic past and every meal is tribute to royalty. Every chair and table of the restaurant is so elegantly designed which gives feeling of the princely state and Maharaja’s.

The Kebab Shop: The Kebab Shop is now a perfect choice for the one who is looking for a variety of Vegetarian and non vegetarian Mughlai delicacies ranging from Kebabs to Biryani's. Kebab Shop is open for dinner.

The Royal Lounge: The Royal Lounge is fitted with Royal furniture, mirrors and Celebrity museum, it has beautiful arches, decorated in tones of pink, green and gold, the floor is embellished with Italian marble. The Royal Lounge exudes an elegant Royal ambience and it offers an impeccable service with great attention to detail.

The afternoon conservatory tea of the Royal Lounge is served with a variety of lip smacking cakes, cookies, sandwiches complimented by the fine selection of Signature French press coffees and freshly infused teas.

Shikarbadi: This bar has a relaxed charm and was used by royals with their close friends to get together, The great hunting plans and experiences were discussed here with finest Wines made in the Palace own distillery and were served along with Bar be que preparations of the game meats during these Durbars.

Today In the finest tradition of Rajput hospitality, the shikarbadi offers its guests a taste of royal living - a luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of the kings The magic spun by such an ambience blended with the choicest wines, spirits and liquors can only be experienced, not explained.


Manoranjan : Manoranjan, is a cozy home theatre and entertains with a big collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies with subtitles in various European languages.

Marionette Show : Rajasthan is famous for the shows of Marionette, the show is being performed since the time of Raj. The show has become a necessary part after the meals.

Baggi Safari :Royal Baggi Safari is given to our guest from the hotel to the beautiful JAL MAHAL (Mansagar Lake) where they can relax for some time and can take pictures of the palace that is situated inside the Mansagar lake.

Folk Dance : Varities of Folk Dances can be seen and enjoyed at The Raj Palace. These dance forms have evolved over the centuries in the heart of India's desert land. These folk dances interwoven with the traditions, festivals and fairs form an important part of Rajasthan's culture. You can be a part of it and experience the traditional culture of dancing at The Raj Palace.


Address : Near Jorawer Singh Gate, Amer Road, Chokdi Gangapol, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002, INDIA

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