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Mountbatten Bungalow, Kandy [Sri Lanka]


Step Welcome to Mountbatten Bungalow Sri Lanka and step into the Victorian era of grace and beauty. This century old bungalow is one of the most sought after bungalows in Kandy that has been renovated and refurbished into an up-market boutique theme bungalow.


The rooms are spacious and display a gentle nostalgia of days gone by. These enormous rooms provide the ideal Kandy bungalow accommodation, beautifully fitted out in furnishings fitting the era.

Bungalow Room: The Bungalow Rooms are spacious and airy. They are richly furnished and bear the elegant mark of the stately Victorian era.

Suites: The Suites are spacious and beautifully furnished with stylish pieces reminiscent of Victorian bedchambers. These suite rooms offer queen-sized four poster beds as well as furnishings that are all flashbacks of the past.


Fine dining can be enjoyed in the grand Victorian Dining Hall. The dining room was the second-most important room in the Victorian house. The walls were often the focal point of the dining room and very ornately decorated, making dining a truly surreal experience.

Be it High Tea or an Englishman’s dinner of steak and potato; explore a banquet that will dazzle your taste buds.


Dalada Maligawa : The Dalada Maligawa, also known as, the Temple of the Tooth, is one of the landmark sites in the city of Kandy. The Maligawa was once the royal palace but after the demise of the Kandyan Kingdom the palace was transformed into a Buddhist temple that holds Buddha’s tooth.

Pinnawela : Pinnawela is famous for the Elephant Orphanage that is one of the largest in the world. The main attraction in Pinnawela is that it is a safe environment where visitors are free to observe elephants and their behavior. Elephants bathing in the river are the highlight of the visit. Baby elephants and adult elephants playfully splash around in the shallow water and the guests are free to capture each of these special moments. You could also watch the feeding process taking place in the nurseries, bottle feeding baby elephants is a fascinating event that nobody should miss. Pinnawela is located in proximity to Kandy so you could easily cover the trip within a few hours.

Peradeniya : Peradeniya is a beautiful town that is home to one of the major Sri Lankan universities and also the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. The gardens are renowned for its collection of indigenous plants, herbs and trees.

Victoria Golf and Country Club : Victoria Golf and Country Club is considered one of the most stunning golf courses in Asia. The golf course is not only a place for the avid golfer it is also ideal for those interested in seeing Sri Lankan birds, deer and wildlife. It offers a range of activities for guests from swimming, horse riding and a game of tennis or simply sit and relax at the restaurant or bar.

Trekking At Knuckles Mountain Range : Trekking in Knuckles mountain range is a popular activity. There are several nature trails that provide access to cardamom plantations, tea plantations and quaint villages. It has been dubbed Knuckles because of its likeness to the shape of a clenched fist.

The Kandy Perahera: The Kandy Perahera or the Esala Perahera is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost religious celebrations held each year since the arrival of Buddha’s tooth relic to Sri Lanka. The Kandy Perahera is an elegant procession or parade that flaunts the various talents of the Kandyan people.

Tea Plantation: While in Kandy it is easy to access any of the tea plantations. They are spread out across the mountains. Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, so it is definitely worth seeing the intimate process that goes in to brewing that perfect cup.


Address : No 4, Spring Hill Estate, Bowalawatta, Gangawatakorale, Kandy, SRI LANKA

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