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CGH Brunton Boatyard, Kochi [India]


Moored on a historic stretch of Cochin's famed harbour, the Brunton Boatyard Hotel is our tribute to another age. Resurrected from the remains of a Victorian shipbuilding yard, it gives the modern traveller a unique opportunity to dwell amidst the shadow-plays of 19th century history.

It has been designed and built in the style and principle of the early Dutch and Portugese architecture of Fort Cochin and blends very well into the Cochin skyline. It's hard to believe that the Brunton is a new building since it resembles the old colonial buildings of Cochin. The simple lime washed walls, sloping tile roof and terra-cotta floors with a Giant Rain Tree completing the picture.

Brunton Boatyard is a 10-minute walk from Santa Cruz Basilica. It is 15 km from Ernakulam Railway Station and 42 km from Cochin International Airport. A 1-minute walk from Fort Kochi-Vypeen Ferry Terminal.


The resort has total 22 rooms ( Standard Sea facing and Deluxe Sea facing room). All the rooms and the ensuite bathrooms overlook the beautiful sea.


Eating at Brunton Boatyard’s History Restaurant is literally a journey through history. Each dish reflects a different community. And 30 different communities living in Kochi all tell their own special story.

History Restaurant - At the restaurant the cuisines have been given a new lease of life, recreated faithfully each evening by the resorts chefs who did their research in the best place possible - with the old families of Cochin.

Terrace Grill - This restaurant is adjacent to the History restaurant and opens for Dinner. They offer choice selection of the “Day’s Catch" fresh from the Chinese fishing nets and the fishing boats that constantly pass by the hotel. It is grilled to perfection, just the way you like. It overlooks the busy ferry terminal and the bazaar down below, perfect place to watch the life of a city while enjoying a delicious sea food dinner.

Armoury Cafe - It is a warm, intimate space, just perfect for a long evening of Sundowners and tall stories.


Cooking demonstration - Beyond the obvious charms of Fort Cochin, there's much you can do without even having to step out of Brunton Boatyard's imposing gates by joining a cooking demonstration on the terrace, where the chef takes you step-by-step through the secrets behind one of their famous dishes.

Bicycle Ride - Brunton Boatyard, is a perfect place to do nothing at all. Just get a boring historical novel, find a chair by the poolside or in the tea lounge. Armed with a bicycle and a map, you could spend a somnolent afternoon cycling the city's markets and old quarters, seeing the Fort Cochin most tourists never see.

Cruise - The Brunton Boatyard's trusty craft departs from private jetty, for a fascinating cruise around Cochin Harbour. Spectacular sunsets, glorious sea air and probably a dolphin or two!

Mirror Massage - After a walk tour through the fascinating treasures of the Fort Cochin area, a synchronized Kerala massage (done by two expert masseurs whose actions mirror each other) could be just the ticket, easing the leg muscles and wafting you straight into drinks - and - dinner mode.

Billiards - This corner of the lobby was once described by a guest as a Victorian throwback, and it is indeed a strange hybrid, part raj-era railway waiting room, part colonial club. Lounge around, pot a ball or two, read the papers, doze and yes, there is honey still for tea.


Address : Bellar Road, Near Aspinwall, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001, INDIA

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